Take Action

There’s a lot you can do to live sustainably!

As part of our Next Step Partners Winona initiative, we’re encouraging Winona County community members to take action to improve sustainability on water, energy, and other issues. Take action today!

  1. Sign up for the Winona County Energy Contest to save energy and earn cash prizes!
  2. Tell us how you’d improve water quality in Winona County.
  3. Learn how to save water andĀ support the health of our precious groundwater.
  4. Support businesses that do their part to promote sustainability.
  5. Consider how your behavior at home and at work affects our shared resources. Every action makes a difference!
  6. Commit to learning more. This website is full of information to help us all make changes that save money and make our community more resilient.
  7. Talk with your friends, family, and co-workers about sustainable living. You’ll be surprised how many people share your desire to live sustainably!
  8. And ask questions! We created Sustain Winona to help all of us realize a more sustainable community.

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